Moving Trucks & Vans in the Atlanta, GA Metro Area

One of the most important aspects of any moving company is the fleet of moving trucks and vans at their disposal. Big & Small Moving knows how vital the protection of our customer’s property is, and we have multiple convenient moving trucks to choose from, ensuring the safety of your belongings throughout transport. Based in the Atlanta, GA metro area, our business is proud to equip our movers with only the best. Check out the options below.

The Sprinter Van

The sprinter van is a perfect option for smaller moves. We tend to use this van to help students move into dorms or apartments or for smaller studios moving job locations. This moving van is also the best choice for transporting large products, appliances, or furniture from the store to home. Easy to load and unload, the sprinter is perfect for your small move.

The 26-Foot Truck

Larger commercial jobs would better benefit from our 26-foot moving truck. Our movers at Big & Small Moving can load between two and five bedrooms into this truck. Choose this moving truck when you’re moving an entire home or large office to a new place. 

We Can Help Make Moving Easier

Our fleet of moving trucks is perfect for moves of any size. Whether you’re picking up a new couch for the living room and want it delivered or you’ve decided to pack up and move homes completely, Big & Small Moving is on your side. Give us a call any time to learn more about how we can help.